Adrian Monllor - Managing Director

Adrian Monllor

Managing Director | Purativa & The Right Therapy

I have over 18 years’ experience providing high quality therapies and education on overall health and wellbeing.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Osteopathic Kinesiology, Bachelors Degree in Holisitic Kinesiology and Biocibernetics. Reflexology, Reiki, Trigger points Therapy, Chiropractic  and Sports massage therapist.

I have established a variety of techniques to help recover all types of physical and emotional problems (trapped emotions), ranging from headaches, back pain, low energy, nutritional problems, shoulder tension, injuries, stiff muscles to digestive problems, asthma, fatigue, depression, skin problems and more.

The human body has infinite power to heal itself from within

This was my inspiration for taking the path of holistic therapies

Recently I have found that 60% of the population who have lower back pain and sciatica, can attribute this to a kidney imbalance.

Since learning about (and experiencing the benefits myself), I have wanted to share with people who will need and benefit from this without having to spend lots of money on aggressive treatments.

When the kidney is weak, inflamed, or out of balance, it makes the lower back unstable causing pain as the symptom.

People using Slackstone II “The Natural Solution” to prepare Dialytic Water are receiving the benefits in a very short period of time, usually between 15-30 days.

You will get the benefits of a powerful detox, anti-inflammatory system which is simple and easy to use. It is neither invasive nor expensive, and has the added advantage of not causing any side effects.

The system was invented by Professor Dr.José Ignacio Martín Artajo Alvarez, S.J.

for which he was awarded the silver medal in the International Salon of Inventors of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1978, and is based on the action of the electromagnetic fields on crystalline bodies.

SLACKSTONE II® is the commercial name of a registered and patented System that physically acts on normal (potable) water by transforming its molecular characteristics to produce what we know as Dyalitic Water.

On November 24, 1966 the Spanish Ministry of Health classified it as a “Product for Medicinal Use”.

It is sold in pharmacies and diet establishments in Spain and other countries.

Daniel J. Yborra Quesada

Proprietor of the Slackstone II System


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Exclusive UK Distributor - Purativa

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