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Virginia Dutton – Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist
Cannock UK
16th May 2019

I buy the Slackstone II water for my Mum who suffers from severe bouts of Cystitis, as well as Kidney infections. The Slackstone water is the only product that I have found that reliably helps to clear and flush out the water infection. I would highly recommend to anyone who suffers from this(...)

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Manjit Singh
Wolverhampton UK
29th March 2018

I was having intense arthritic pain and swollen joints in my hands, neck, knees and feet for more than 10 years until I started drinking 2 glasses of dialytic water every day.
I’ve been drinking it for 1 month and 20 days and the improvement is incredible.
I have never used anything in my life(...)

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Sunita Rahul
Wolverhampton, UK
1st November 2017

I’ve been having very intense pain in my muscles and joints for around 5 years now, using painkillers, having massage and physiotherapy in order to have better quality of life. My therapist, Adrian Monllor recommended to drink Dyalitic water, he explained how much Dyalitic water could help me.(...)

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Lisa Yardley
Tamworth, Birmingham
27th October 2017

I am generally a very healthy person, but I was having water infections every 3-4 months which my doctor could find no medical reason for. Since then, I have discovered Purativa and I’ve been drinking the dyalitic water.

Now I’ve been drinking the water for about 7 months now and can say that(...)

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Magdalena Wloka
5th October 2017

Highly recommended product. I noticed positive difference in my energy levels and overall wellbeing after having used dialytic water. I have friends and family who also use Purativa with very good results.

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Adrian Monllor
12th July 2017

I can’t thank enough to Slackstone II. I was having osteopathic manipulations every month for my back because I was suffering from lower pain for 6 years, which was the only way to give me temporary pain relief.

I had a kinesiology treatment on December 2016 and Nuria recommend drinking(...)

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Inese Pire
17th May 2017

Adrian! I want to say a big thank you. I feel super!. Since I've been drinking the Dialytc Water I am very happy because for three days there is no pain in the leg! Big and sweet thank you!

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Enrique Hernández González
15th February 2017

I began prescribing SLACKSTONE II® after reading an article in DSalud as a supplement of homeopathic therapy and diet.  I’ve obtained excellent results in the different kinds of lithiasis.  I would appreciate it if you kept me informed of the clinical data, additional data, protocols or(...)