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Maite Esteban
Madrid, Spain
25th August 2016

It’s like magic! Such a simple thing, that’s not chemistry, we are not used to that. In my case, after taking it for 10 days, morning and night, I began to expel bits of stones. I had been receiving Voltaren injections every 12 hours between half vials of Nolotil for 15 days. A friend, who was(...)

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Fernando García
29th July 2016

Hello, I’m Fernando I practice naturopathy. I’ve seen surprising results with this product, the most important is that a kidney stone the size of a very large chickpea disappeared. Besides helping my mother to get rid of her “modestly sized” kidney stone, it helped a cousin of mine who is a(...)

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Fernando Martin-Artajo Gutiérrez
Madrid, Spain
30th May 2016

I am Father Jose Ignacio’s nephew and he blessed my wedding. Whenever I can, I promote his invention. The last time I bought it at a pharmacy in the Lope de Rued Street to give the ampoules to a neighbor of Villarrubia de Santiago (Toledo), who was writhing in pain when he expelled a kidney(...)

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Gregorio Méndez Morales
1st May 2016

I have been taking Dialytic Water for years and am very satisfied with the results, it works like a charm. Thank you.

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María Luis Garrido
22nd February 2016

I am a 70 year old lady. I had gallbladder stones which have disappeared thanks to the treatment of the SLACKSTONE II® ampoules. During my last check-up, the digestion specialist told me surgery wasn´t needed because the stones were gone. My gratitude to Fr. Martín-Artajo who was dedicated to(...)

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Eduardo Ostos
Orlando – Florida- United States
30th January 2016

It’s excellent. My brother avoided surgery thanks to Dialytic Water. Everyone we know is aware of how good this product is. We’d like to work with you as distributors. Thanks.

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Josefa Codina Provinciale
Hospitalet del Infante - Tarragona – Spain
30th November 2015

My dear sirs: I’m writing these lines on the occasion of the hundredth birthday of Father Martín-Artajo, the inventor of the System to prepare Dialytic Water, I am Josefa Codina and I live in Hospitalet del Infante in the Province of Tarragona. My health and whole body, from head to toe, has(...)

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Dr. Margarita Romero Martín
Madrid, Spain
30th September 2015

As a physician specializing in Preventive Medicine and Public Health as well as Medical Hydrology and Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the Complutense University of Madrid and consultant to the Medical Board of the Alange Thermal Spa: I wish to express that the SLACKSTONE(...)